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Attention Fort Lee Residents…

Are You Ready to Finally Find a Realistic, Successful Fitness Program Which Produces Quick, Proven Results?

Lose Fat, Build Muscle, and Get Into The Best Shape of Your Life With a Customized Personal Training Program!

AT VIP 1 to1 Fitness Center , you’ll experience the difference of a program which is entirely tailored to you. Our 360-degree approach to weight and fitness offers you a comprehensive system to help tackle every challenge and blow past every obstacle. We fuse high-intensity cardio, weights and abdominal exercises into one scientifically-proven routine. You’ll save time, and get fit and toned with express results.

Never diet again, never experience a long or boring training session, and never stay stuck in a rut. We’ll push you to be at your best, and our customized 360-degree training program will get you fit and toned in no time at all.



Other Fitness Programs & Gyms
Personalized 360-degree approach to weight loss, fitness and lifestyle One size fits all programs which aren’t about you and don’t cover all the bases
Welcoming and friendly environment Intimidating and uncomfortable meat market gyms
Simple nutritional guidelines to
maximize results
Restrictive and impossible fad diets
Quick and fun workouts Long, boring training sessions

25 Years of Delivering Proven Weight Loss & Fitness Results*

Bergen County Personal Training at VIP 1to1 Fitness Center

*results may vary

At VIP 1to1 Fitness Center, we strive to do more than what you’ll find at big box gyms and other programs. We offer you a 360-degree approach to nutrition, lifestyle, fitness and weight loss, which offers both quick and long-lasting results.

Your program is entirely customized based upon you — your body, your goals and your needs. Our highly-trained, expert trainers push you to be at your best, and provide you with the motivation and encouragement you need to step ahead.

Plus, with a supportive and friendly environment, you’ll never feel out of place, and you’ll connect with other members who are also on the journey towards bettering themselves.

  • Torch fat, build muscle and get fit and toned in less time than ever – get express results!
  • Say goodbye to all of your stubborn trouble areas
  • Look and feel at your best, as you improve your energy and self-confidence, and reduce stress!


Look at The Differences We’ve Made For Our Clients!*

*results may vary

  • 360-Degree approach to weight loss and fitness including metabolic training, resistance training and functional
    strength training
  • Customized personal training program developed just for you
  • Quick and fun training sessions – all based on your own schedule
  • Burn fat 7-9 times faster than regular exercise programs
  • Lose body fat, get fit and toned, and build muscle
  • Target stubborn trouble areas
  • Reduce stress, gain energy, and improve self-confidence
  • Simple nutritional guidelines for superior weight loss
  • Lifestyle improvement including making healthy choices and all-day changes for better results
  • Free body diagnostic for new members
  • Supportive, friendly community


FREE personal training session

  • Personalized Fitness Assessment
  • Body Diagnostics Testing
  • Nutrition Consultation
  • FREE Fat Burning Foods Report
  • FREE Abs Secret Report
  • No-obligation fitness consultation

With VIP 1to1 Fitness Center, You’ll Finally be on Your Way to Changing Your Life And Never Looking Back Again

Our 360-degree, personalized approach to your fitness and weight loss ensures that you see express results, and that you make long-lasting lifestyle changes.

Quickly burn fat, get fit and toned, and feel at your best, with renewed confidence and increased energy.

You’ll even have fun while you’re at it, with quick, innovative workouts which work into your busy schedule and keep you coming back for more. We’ll push you to be at your best, and we’ll unlock all of your hidden
potential with a customized, comprehensive plan built entirely for you.

We’ve been delivering proven fitness and weight loss results for more than 25 years, and now we’re ready to help you take that next step.

It’s never too late to get started or to make a change.




Try my program for 30 days by following the routine, showing up to every appointment, and logging your meal plan and if at the end of the 30 Days you do not see any results, we will issue you a refund.