Englewood Cliffs Boot Camp

Englewood Cliffs boot camp can be the perfect girls’, guys’ or couples’ night out, particularly if you’re looking for something different to do that also helps get you back into shape and ready for other adventures. It won’t be easy, but you’ll feel fantastic after a few workouts and wonder why you didn’t do this before. It doesn’t matter what your goal, whether it’s overall fitness, weight loss or improving your golf game, a personal trainer designs a program specifically for you.

The trainer assesses your level of fitness and adjusts the program to meet it.

Before the trainer does anything, he identifies weak muscle groups and your fitness level. He also listens to your goals and finds out if there are any special needs. While everyone in the group may be doing the same type of exercise, the intensity, form and number of repetitions may vary. Someone who isn’t fit may be doing bent knee push-ups, while a very fit individual will do clapping ones. You’ll have a challenging program, but still one within your capabilities.

Do you need to shed a few extra pounds’r

Personal trainers may also help you learn how to eat healthier. They don’t give you a diet, but give you information about making healthier food choices. It might be something as simple as substituting nuts for croutons in salads or more complicated, such as using unsweetened applesauce for some of the oil or sugar in baked goods. Each one is a healthier choice and saves a few calories, but when combined with many other calories saving substitutions, you’ll take off pounds fast.

A healthy diet and regular exercise prevents serious conditions or improves them.

Many of the diseases today are preventable or improved using a healthy diet and regular exercise. High blood pressure, diabetes, osteoporosis and even some forms of cancer are just a few of these. Studies show that regular exercise and a healthy diet reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia. It also helps eliminate the effects of stress by burning off the hormones it creates.

There’s plenty of comradery at a boot camp and it’s specifically so if you sign up with friends. Since everyone works to their maximum, each person knows how difficult it can be, so you’ll often hear applause or cheers of encouragement.

You’ll look younger and feel younger too. Exercise helps prevent cell damage and circulates blood to give your skin nutrients and oxygen. It also increases flexibility, which puts a youthful bounce in your step.

As you improve, the trainer adjusts your program to reflect that improvement, so you’ll always be working toward peak performance.

You’ll get the benefit of having a personal trainer at a discount price. Since everyone at the boot camp shares the cost of the trainer’s time, you’ll pay a fraction of what you’d have to pay for private sessions.

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Englewood Cliffs Boot Camp

Try my program for 30 days by following the routine, showing up to every appointment, and logging your meal plan and if at the end of the 30 Days you do not see any results, we will issue you a refund.




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