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You may wonder how a Englewood Cliffs personal trainer can help you be more successful at work. The personal trainer may not know anything about your line of work, but what he does know is how to help you become fitter, thinner and stronger with more strength and endurance. That information may be just what you need to get ahead on the job. While it’s not fair, people still discriminate against overweight individuals or those who aren’t the picture of fitness. One poll of doctors, who should know better, viewed overweight people or those out of shape, as lazy. If it seems that no matter how hard you work or how brilliant your sales pitch was, you don’t get the promotion or the sale; maybe it’s not your work but your appearance that makes the difference.

It doesn’t matter where you start, it only matters where you finish.

Personal trainers work with people of all fitness levels. The trainer first analyzes your present physical condition, including finding weaker muscle groups. He then listens to your goals, gets an understanding of your present lifestyle and asks if you have any special needs. After thorough evaluation, the trainer designs a weight loss or fitness program specifically for your needs. The program will be challenging, but still within your capabilities.

You’ll learn how to eat healthier.

The trainer won’t give you a diet, but help you learn ways to make lifestyle changes in your eating habits. Diets don’t work because they always end. At that point, you return to old eating habits that put weight on in the first place. Instead of a diet, the trainer will teach you simple food substitution tricks, such as Greek yogurt to replace higher calorie sour cream or some more complicated cooking tips, such as using zucchini sliced lengthwise to substitute for lasagna noodles. Before long, you’ll be using herbs and spices to season your food, adding extra nutrients but no extra calories. You’ll be eating like a gourmet, but dropping weight as you do.

The combination of diet and exercise blasts pounds off your body.

In order to lose weight, you have to consume fewer calories than you burn. A healthy diet lowers calories, while exercise burns more. However, exercise also builds muscle tissue and muscle tissue uses more calories than fat tissue does, so you’ll be burning more calories whether you’re exercising or sitting in your recliner.

You’ll feel more confident and that confidence will show to others. Studies show that people who start an exercise program immediately have a better self-image, even before results show. You’ll build more confidence and that extra boost can help personally and on the job.

You’ll be healthier. Exercise boosts the immune system to help prevent serious, such as high blood pressure and diabetes, and less serious conditions, such as colds.

Exercise burns off stress hormones and replaces them with hormones that make you feel good. After working out, you’ll feel better and show fewer, if any, signs of stress.

Exercise clears away brain fog and improves cognitive thinking. It also helps to make you more productive.

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Englewood Cliffs Personal Trainer

Try my program for 30 days by following the routine, showing up to every appointment, and logging your meal plan and if at the end of the 30 Days you do not see any results, we will issue you a refund.