What Is Your Motivation To Be Healthy?

What Is Your Motivation To Be Healthy?

Dragging yourself to the gym after a full day at work can be difficult. It’s easy to simply aim your car for home and drive. That won’t make you any healthier and can be the start of quitting your program completely. To make that commitment to healthy eating and regular exercise, you have to find your motivation to be healthy and keep that thought in mind when you feel like quitting.

Why is staying healthy important to you?

Of course, you want to be healthy! Who doesn’t? What does that mean to you? Being healthier may mean being able to run further, lift more, or simply not getting sick. It may mean losing weight and waking up with more energy every day. If you have children or grandchildren, being healthy may mean being able to enjoy family fun and living to see them graduate and start families of their own.

If weight loss is your goal, why do you want to lose weight?

It’s not vain to want to look good. It’s often the reason people start a healthy regimen of exercise and diet. But why do you want to look better? Your motivation must come from within, not because a friend said you were overweight, but because you want to do it. There is a powerful motivator that I’ve frequently seen. It’s called revenge weight loss and fitness, where the best revenge is looking your best. It often occurs after a break-up or snide remark. Most of the time, after a few months, people forget about the other person and continue because they enjoy how they look and feel.

Create a plan to build on your motivation.

Simply knowing your motivation isn’t enough. You need a plan of action. You have to identify what it will take to help you achieve what you want and turn it into a goal. Give yourself a timeline and make your goal measurable. Break your big goal down into smaller, easier-to-achieve weekly goals/ No matter what your goal, it must be realistic. If you’re big-boned and six feet tall, you’ll never be petite. It doesn’t mean you can’t be slender or fit.

  • Even with motivation, it’s hard to stay on track. Working out with a friend can help keep you motivated, too. Working with someone else keeps you accountable. It’s one of the reasons personal trainers are so beneficial.
  • Meal planning can also help you stick with a program. You can plan meals yourself or get help from other sources. Then you shop one day, cook on the weekend, and have healthy meals you can heat and eat for the week.
  • Stay consistent. Workout at the same time every day to create a habit. Once exercising is a habit, it’s easier to maintain. Even if progress is slow, remember it’s all about consistency and continuous effort.
  • No matter what your motivation to be healthier is, it should be a combination of exercise and healthy eating. You need both. If you skip exercise for a day or eat unhealthy food, it’s not the end of the world. Just start anew the next day.

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