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5 Ways Pharmaceutical Medicine is Damaging your Health

In a medically-advanced society, pharmaceutical drugs are common choices for the treatment of different health problems. After all, they are prescribed and recommended by medical professionals, which is why many people believe they can actually prove to be effective. However, while they may actually cure you from a specific illness, it is inevitable that they can also be damaging to your health. Worse, some are even reported to be a precursor of other serious health problems, which can be harder to treat.

Annually, there are millions of visits in hospitals reported to be because of an adverse reaction from pharmaceutical medicine. This is quite alarming, and has given some people sufficient reason to stop its use and instead resort into alternative natural medicine, which is asserted to be safe while also being able to be effective. In the rest of this article, you will know how pharmaceutical medicines are actually doing your health harm and not just the good often marketed by those manufacturing them.

  1. They contain toxic chemicals. This is perhaps one of the most significant reasons to avoid pharmaceutical drugs. While this is not a general statement, more often than not, you are ignorant about what ingredients are used in a specific drug, which renders it impossible to determine if they have a certain level of toxicity or none. Of course, the manufacturers of the medicine will try as much to promote only how they are beneficial for your health and will try to conceal the hidden truth, including the toxicity of the ingredients they are using. These toxic chemicals, at worst, can lead into death. In more common cases, they lead into allergic reactions, such as other illnesses. While they are made for the purpose of treating a specific disease, there is always no assurance that they will not lead into another disease totally different from what it promises to cure.
  1. They can promote addiction. The pharmaceutical drugs given by doctors are meant to be taken only for a short period of time, specifically what has been specified. The problem, however, is that some people are developing a tendency to be dependent on it, and hence, develop an addition towards the drug. They find it hard to live without taking it, even if its prolonged intake can be dangerous to one’s health. This is most common in the case of medicines used for the treatment of pain, insomnia, and depression, among others. There are instances wherein it can be as addictive as an illegal drug.
  1. They are often misuse. The misuse of pharmaceutical drugs is a serious problem and anyone who misused such may end up in the emergency room. Once a prescription has been written, the doctor has no control on who uses it. Sometimes, it can be given by the patient to other people who are suffering the same condition as theirs, even in the absence of proper diagnosis. A group of friends might even share the same medicine even if it is not prescribed specifically for one of them. With its misuse, its danger to your health will be more serious.
  1. They pose a serious danger of overdose. When you have a supply of pharmaceutical drugs in your house, you often forget about when and how to take them. There are instances wherein you might be taking them more than what you have been instructed by your doctor, and hence, making overdose a possibility. While some people may have higher tolerance for over dosage, this is affected by one’s age, the nature of the drug, and the person’s general health condition, among others. There are cases wherein it can lead into death, damaging other organs, or even minor health problems others chose to ignore.
  1. They are rarely tested. The FDA, the agency that regulates the medicines in the market, will test a specific drug on the basis of what it is meant to be used for. However, while when a certain drug has been approved, the agency does not test the dangers that can be posed by taking two different drugs at a time. Sadly, most patients do not just take a single medicine for the treatment of their condition. Some even combine prescription drugs with over-the-counter drugs without knowing how their interaction could be a danger in ways more than one.


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5 Synthetic Toxins You Need to Avoid

As a consequence of today’s modern time, more and more people are resorting into an unhealthy lifestyle. There are some who forget the importance of exercise for the health and fail to eat the right foods as well. As a result, the body is not supplied with the nutrients needed for a healthy functioning. If you want to make a big change in your life, you can consider rethinking of the way you eat, specifically by taking a look at the ingredients used in the food you consume. Processed foods, for instance, among others are plagued with health risks you can only avoid if you stop eating them. More than your food, however, there are also synthetic toxins found in the products you use in the house, such as in the case of cleaning agents and in paints.

In the rest of this article, you will know some of the most common synthetic toxins you should avoid. By getting rid of them in your life, you are being a step closer in achieving a healthier body free from chemicals and toxins.

  1. Pesticides: For sure, eating fruits and vegetables can be good for your health. However, it will only be good if it is grown organically or in the absence of using pesticides, which can be a significant source of synthetic toxins. The residues that are left behind from the use of pesticides can cause cancer and birth defects. Even if your wash them before eating, these residues can possibly remain. More so, the synthetic toxins in pesticides can also pose serous risks when they are used to kill bugs, fleas, and other insects inside the house. In order to get rid of the, regular cleaning of the house and the use of natural products will prove to be excellent alternatives.
  1. Triclosan: This toxin is commonly found in some toothpastes and soaps. According to several studies in the past, it is risky because it has been linked to the disruption of the functioning of the thyroid, as well as affecting hormone levels. They are often used in products labeled as antibacterial. In reality, however, this is also the leading cause of the promotion of the growth of bacteria, and hence, being more dangerous for your health. With this, you might want to just use old-fashioned warm water and soap, specifically one without this synthetic toxin.
  1. Sodium Nitrates and Nitrites: These are commonly used as an additive for processed meats and fishes, which is basically because it helps to make the shelf life longer and also for the inhibition of bacterial growth. This is also the one responsible for the attractive color of the fish or meat. However, according to the American Medical Association, this toxin can lead to brain and gastrointestinal cancer. It is also said to be a leading cause of a health problem known as methemoglobinemia, which refers to the failure of the red blood cells through transport the oxygen that the body needs. For infants and young children, it is also believed to be a precursor of Type 1 Diabetes.
  1. Bisphenol-A: Also called as BPA, this is commonly found in packaging of foods and drinks. They are commonly found in the lining of the packaging of canned foods and bottled drinks, as well as in medical devices. According to several studies, the exposure to such can be harmful because it can lead into being at higher risk of having prostate and breast cancer. It is also believed to be a major influence on diabetes, obesity, and behavioral and reproductive health problems.
  1. Recombitant Bovine Growth Hormone: This refers to a synthetic hormone that is often used by farmers and injected on their cows in order to increase their milk production. This is known to be dangerous for cows because they develop udder infection known as mastitis More so, milk from animals given such hormone is said to high in Insulin Growth Factor-1, which has been previously linked to certain cases of prostate, colon and breast cancer. Because of this, it is important to be more concerned about where you are sourcing your milk and dairy products. Make sure that they are organic and not from cows given such hormone.

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5 Reasons to Use Natural, Homemade Cosmetics

To be more beautiful – this is perhaps the dream of many people today. Beauty, although subjective by nature, is undeniably largely based on how one physically looks like, or at least, that is the norm in our society. Because of this, anyone who does not feel to be within the current standards of beauty loses self-confidence. Fortunately, the modern technology has led into the introduction of revolutionary beauty products. These products are promising in terms of giving you softer hair with fuller volume, glowing skin that defies the signs of aging, and having healthier nails, among others.

However, with the introduction of different cosmetic products in the market, many have also been alarmed, specifically with regards to deteriorating quality and the use of ingredients that may be unsafe for one’s health. With this, there is a growing advocacy towards the use of natural and homemade cosmetics. If you have not yet considered the use of the latter, continue reading the rest of this article and you will have sufficient reasons to switch to these natural beauty products.

  1. They do not use toxic ingredients. Most of the cosmetics you can buy commercially are made with the use of different chemicals, many of them can prove to be toxic. Although they can prove to be effective, their chemicals can lead into an adverse reaction, which can make the products bad for your skin. Some of the most common chemicals used in cosmetics are parabens and phthalates. They also contain a variety of petrochemicals. Although many studies have proven the toxicity of their ingredients, they are still continuously used. The worst part is that most manufacturers try to lure their customers by hiding the true ingredients they are using. The ignorance of the customers can even be more problematic, as some people just use beauty products without being aware of whether or not they contain toxic chemicals.
  1. They are good for all skin types. In line with the toxicity of the ingredients used in some cosmetics, they can undeniably cause side effects on the skin, such as redness, swelling, and other allergic reactions. In fact, some products advertised to be ideal for the treatment of acne can even cause more breakout, especially if it is not well-received by your skin. In the case of natural cosmetics, this should never be a problem because they use gentle ingredients that are perfect for all skin types. Regardless of your age, you can use natural products without having to be worried about side effects. Even if you have oily skin, using natural cosmetics will work and will not worsen your problem, unlike in the case of highly commercialized products.
  1. They are cheap. Some natural cosmetics can be cheaper than those made with the use of synthetic ingredients. The reason on why they are affordable is the fact that they use materials readily available, even from the garden. The best thing is that you can make them on your own. With effort and time to research, you will know how you can use some items available in your house or garden for different cosmetic products. If you love them, you can even start a business by selling them and advocating the use of chemical-free cosmetics.
  1. They are eco-friendly. With every product you use, it is important to think about their impact to the environment. Therefore, you have another good reason to use natural products. Aside from the fact that they are not tested on animals, they are also made without using ingredients that can cause damage to the environment, especially when they are not disposed properly. Most of the cosmetics sold in the market make use of aluminum, which is one of the culprits for the destruction of South American forest, which is why you should avoid them as much as possible.
  1. They are rich in nutrients. Aside from the fact that they are good even for sensitive skin, natural cosmetics are also recommended because they are rich with a wide array of nutrients, which will be needed by the body. They often make use of nutritious oils, which are asserted to be effective in terms of nourishing the skin and preventing the appearance of the visible signs of aging.


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5 Reasons to Start Using Natural Cleaning Products

Cleaning the house can prove to be a very tiring task. This is especially true if the dirt has accumulated and hardened through time. Fortunately, there are many cleaning products you can use to make things easier. Vacuum cleaners, for instance, can make it almost effortless for you to remove dust in carpets and upholstery. There are also commercially-available cleaning products to give you a helping hand. However, the problem with the latter is that they are often filled with toxic ingredients, which may not only be harmful for you, but to the environment as well.

Rather than using chemically-laden cleaning agents, a viable alternative would be to resort into the use of natural products. If you go online and search for such, you will find an abundance of choices. With a little time and effort to spare, they will be beneficial in ways more than one. In the rest of this article, you will learn more about their benefits, which might just convince you to have a change in perspective when it comes to keeping the house clean.

  1. Natural cleaning products are cheap. In a time that is defined by a troubled economy, the cost of almost anything is not going anywhere but up. With this, it may help if you can think of ideas by which you can save a few bucks, which will translate into significant savings in the long run. The use of natural cleaning products will surely be one way of doing so. Lemon, vinegar, and baking soda, among others, are the most common ingredients used in cleaning products you can make at the comfort of your own home. They are readily available in the kitchen, which means that you do not have to make additional expenses in order to get your hand on them.
  1. Natural cleaning products keep the air clean. If you want your home to be a healthier place, you need to make sure of air quality. In fact, this is the reason why you are cleaning in the first place – to prevent dust, dirt and allergens from being mixed with the air you breathe. However, with the use of commercial cleaning products, you may be doing more harm than good. For instance, many of the room sprays you can buy in the market contain quaternary ammonium compounds, which damage air quality and can contribute to asthma. With natural products, this will never be the case as the ingredients will not be damaging to air quality, with some of them even helping to have it purified and filtered.
  1. Natural cleaning products keep the water clean. The soaps and detergents you are using for cleaning can be harmful for water. When they are disposed, such as from the sink, you are possibly sending them to water systems, such as river or lakes. Because they are filled with chemicals, they can endanger fishes and as well as plants living there. With natural cleaning supply, on the other hand, the ingredients used are all organic, and hence, you do not have to be worried about the possible risk of contaminating water supply.


  1. Natural cleaning products promote a healthier home. Having a clean home will not be beneficial if it is not a healthy place. What does this mean? Simply put, if your home is clean but such has been achieved with the use of chemicals, you are basically up to no good. Natural cleaning products are good because they do not cause adverse allergic reactions, such as when they get in contact with your skin. In the same way, they are also very gentle, which makes them the perfect choice if you have kids at home who may be very sensitive.


  1. Natural cleaning products will make you more productive. If you decide to use natural products in cleaning, you are basically making a wiser use of your time. The mere fact that you have to source the ingredients on your own and make it with your effort will be an indication of being productive. This is as against commercial cleaning agents that are readily available. If you do not know what to do during your free time, you might just consider making natural cleaning products. You can use them afterwards, give them to your friends, or even start your own small business out of it.

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5 Reasons to Choose Natural, Safe Home Remedies

Are you suffering from a headache, cold, flu, fever, cough, body pain, arthritis, acne, and other health problems? Well, do not fret as you are no alone with such a predicament. There are many people who might be having the same fate as you, making them unproductive as well to function at work or with the things they do in their everyday life. In such instances, what is it that you first think about? I am pretty sure many would say having a visit to the doctor or using over-the-counter drugs and other commercially available remedies to treat your condition. While these things may indeed prove to be effective, the problem is that they can have significant side effects and may indeed worsen your situation rather than having it resolved.

This brings us to the importance of natural home remedies. If you go online and research about homemade treatments for arthritis, for instance, you will be surprised with the alternatives presented. Some of them may seem to be out-of-this-world ideas. Unless you give them a try, you will never know if they are going to work or not. In the next parts of this article, you will know about some of the most viable reasons on why you should opt for natural home-made remedies instead of using pharmaceutical and commercial products.

  1. You are basically being in charge with what to take. If you have high level of cholesterol, there are drugs you might be prescribed by your doctor in order to lower the level of bad cholesterol in the body and increase the good cholesterol. However, you do not know what are the ingredients used in these products, unless you perform an in-depth research about it. With natural remedies, on the other hand, such as modifying your diet for improving cholesterol, you are basically in charge. You can choose what you will take and you can let go what you think is bad for your health. You are being empowered to decide how your own condition can possibly be treated.
  1. There will be no tendency to develop addiction or dependence. For people who are finding it hard to sleep at night, there are medications available. Nonetheless, these drugs are notoriously known for being addictive and you might be dependent on them. Once you decide to quit, you will suffer from various withdrawal symptoms and your problem may just worsen. Addiction with sleep-inducing drugs can have significant negative effects on your health, such as in the case of liver damage. However, when you decide to choose natural cure, such as drinking chamomile tea, you will never be addicted with it, while at the same time, being able to enjoy its effectiveness.
  1. Natural and homemade remedies are cheap. This is perhaps one of the most attractive things about considering alternative medicine. For instance, if you have body pain, you do not need to take expensive pain relievers. A simple cold or hot compress may help to alleviate the pain. You will not even have to spend anything in order to enjoy its effectiveness. In a time wherein medicines are being more expensive, you definitely have a good reason to go for natural.
  1. These treatment options are eco-friendly. Many of the medicines you can find in the marketplace have been tested on animals and contain ingredients that may be toxic not only for you, but for the environment as well. With natural treatments, on the other hand, you can use ingredients that are sustainable for the environment. This is going to demonstrate your concern towards preserving the environment while enjoying an effective cure. They are also naturally sourced from materials that you can easily replace by simply planting them, such as in your garden.
  1. They are milder. A wrong dosage of a prescription drug can be harmful for your body and can lead into side effects. With natural treatments, side effects are very rare. They treat your condition in a milder manner. Because of using fresh and unspoiled materials, they are gentler in the treatment of whatever health condition you are suffering from. No strong components or toxic chemicals are used, giving you the confidence on your safety.

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5 Reasons Painkillers are Toxic

Whether it is headache, sore muscles, back pain, or a simple cold, you are most probably going to resort into the use of pain killers. They often come handy and readily available, apart from the fact that they have lured the public with the promise of being the best in terms of the alleviation of the pain that a person is feeling. Aside from the fact that they are often prescribed by doctors, ease of access to painkillers has also been an issue raised by those advocating for a healthier society. Nonetheless, they continue to be popular and often on the top of the mind of people when confronted with the question of how to get away from pain.

Nonetheless, as you read this article, you will see how pain killers are not actually the solution to your problem. They do not work like magic and will often lead you into suffering from toxicity. This should give you sufficient reason with to think about what you take and be more meticulous when thinking of viable alternatives for pain management.

  1. The use of painkillers can be very addicting. This is one of the most common problems reported and associated with painkillers. More often than not, people take them for a prolonged period as if it is multivitamins for their body. Pain medications use ingredients that can be potentially addicting, and hence, being dependent on such in the long run. This should be a cause for toxicity, especially in consideration of the fact that medications taken longer than the specified duration will cause adverse reaction to the body, especially when taken with other drugs or when they react negatively with your current state of health. Once addiction has been developed, withdrawal will be hard and the withdrawal symptoms will generally be unpleasant. With such, many people ended up being trapped, having no choice but to just pursue with their pain medications. In the long run, this can damage different organs of the body and can lead into the deterioration of your health.
  1. They contain acetaminophen. Tylenol is one of the most popular brands of painkillers. In spite of the fact that its effectiveness has been asserted by many, it is also important to know that it contains acetaminophen, which is also a common ingredient that is found in other drugs meant to reduce pain. Even when they are taken following the instructions from your doctor, such as the dosage that has been recommended, acetaminophen will still pose a serious danger to your health, more than the benefit it provides. There were several cases in the past wherein there are accidental overdoses and they led into problems you will never wish to carry on your back.
  1. They are more fatal than heroin and cocaine. People avoid the use of heroin and cocaine because of the bad effects of such on their health, which are often fatalities. However, some people did not know that prescribed and over-the-counter painkillers can in fact be more fatal than heroin and cocaine, even when the two are combined. This is basically because most of the painkillers are misused and abused, leading into a level of toxicity which becomes too hard for the body to handle, and hence, fuelling a wide array of serious health problems.
  1. They can cause cancer. People who are being treated for cancer may resort into the use of pain medications in order to reduce the discomfort they are feeling as a result of various procedures or simply because how their cancer cells are affecting the body. However, in reality, rather than being instrumental in the alleviation of pain, these medications can indeed be the cause of cancer. Several studies in the past have noted how the long-term use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs can lead into kidney and blood cancer.
  1. They can lead to Renal Tubular Acidosis. This is another negative side effect often associated because of the toxic ingredients found in painkillers, especially in the case of Ibuprofen. Renal Tubular Acidosis, or RTA, leads into the decrease in the level of potassium in the blood, and hence, making the heart beat abnormally and causing a breakdown of muscles. It is also linked to paralysis and fatigue.

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5 Reasons Home Remedies have Lasted the Test of Time

If you go online and perform a quick search about home remedies for a specific health problem, you will definitely be confronted with tons of search results. As you go on reading, you will realize how they are solutions that have been used since time immemorial. In fact, even historians and experts in the field of alternative medicine find it hard to trace the origins of some of the home remedies known to mankind today. They have their roots in Chinese, Indian, Western, and Ayurveda medicine, among others. For sure, they have been used even by your great grandmothers. By now, you are most probably wondering on what makes them able to withstand the test of time. In spite of the introduction of new innovations in the field of medicine, home remedies have remained to be popular. Here’s why.

  1. They are effective. This is on the top of the list on why home remedies remain to be a preferred choice amongst many people when it comes to healing different health conditions. After all, it will not be able to survive thousands of years if they are not proven to be effective. One can easily have them erased from practice if they are not doing any good. In this age of social media, it is very easy to fill the internet with negative reviews about home remedies and say that they do not work and that they are nothing but a waste of time. However, such is not happening. Instead, the internet is filled with articles recommending home remedies as alternatives for traditional medications and treatments. Indeed, these are only evidences of their effectiveness.
  1. They are cheap. If you offer one product or service that is cheap, the tendency is that people will flock and will be curious to give it a try. However, if the product does not satisfy them after their first try, they will never have it purchased again, regardless of how cheap it is. The same thing is true in the case of natural home remedies. While they are cheap, they will not be popular and be able to withstand the test of time if they lack effectiveness. However, as proven by those who patronize such, they are not only economical in terms of cost, but also very effective. This makes it easy to understand why they remain to be practiced in spite of their old age in the field of alternative medicine.
  1. They are readily available. Way back during the ancient times, people do not have access to hospitals or to pharmacies wherein they can get their medicines. They also do not often have professional consultations with doctors. Because of this, they resort into the use of treatment options that are naturally available from their environment. They make use of herbs and spices, plants and flowers, among others. This is because they can be gathered even from just outside their houses. This is another reason why home remedies are popular. Just go to the kitchen and you will find garlic, which has antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory properties.
  1. They can be administered without professional supervision. Steam inhalation, which is a common remedy for cold, can be done at home with just the use of hot water and essential oils. With home remedies, you do not need professional supervision or instruction as they can be completed on your own. This spares you from the need to have checkup from a doctor and be given professional prescription, which is not only a time-saver, but also minimizes costs. The best thing is that they are safe and you do not have to worry about side effects, even if they are administered through your own efforts.
  1. They can be easily modified. Home remedies are also able to withstand the test of time because they can be easily changed depending on the ingredients that are available or your personal preferences. In a world that is defined by changing times, you do not necessarily have to stick with what have been traditionally used. Instead, you can use new ingredients or those that are available at home while being able to enjoy the same level of effectiveness. Just do not forget to research about it and make sure there are evidences to prove that they will actually work.

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5 Native American Remedies that are Super Effective

For thousands of years now, Native American remedies are being practiced all over the globe because of their effectiveness in being able to treat a variety of health conditions. During the early times, like in the most parts of the globe, Native Americans do not have access to medical professionals and hospitals, which is why they often rely on resources that are readily available whenever they are sick. Because of its old age, some of these practices have already bene forgotten, which is also a result of the introduction of new advancements in the medical field. Nonetheless, it cannot be denied how there are still many Native American remedies practiced today, such as those mentioned in the rest of this article.

  1. Wild Ginger: When European settlers arrived in North America, one of their biggest problems dealt with the absence of the medicinal products that are available at the comfort of their own place. It is during this time when they were able to consider the magic of wild ginger. Based on the traditions of the locals, which is still practiced up to this day, wild ginger is decocted and infused in order to make a tea, which is regarded to be an effective remedy for menstrual cramps and irregular heartbeat. In addition, it is also believed that the kidney-shaped leaves of the plant make it an effective herbal remedy for various kidney problems. It is also considered to be a stimulant for the appetite. Consequently, according to several studies in the past, wild ginger makes an excellent alternative medicine because of having diuretic, carminative, and tonic effects to the body.
  1. Sage: This is considered to be sacred by many Native Americans basically because it is believed to have purifying energies, which is also the reason behind its popularity in the world of home remedies and alternative medicine. Aside from being able to bring back balance to the body, it also takes out any impurities from both the mind and the body, which will bring an individual to a better state of health and renewed strength. Aside from the belief of its ability to protect one from bad spirit, it also has a long history of use in the treatment of problems with the kidney, skin, stomach, lungs, and colon, among others. It also functions as an appetite stimulant and digestive aid, which makes it a common choice for people who would like to manage their weight naturally.
  2. Juniper: Closely resembling cypress, there is no wonder why it has been used by many Native Americans for detoxifying. It is believed to be effective in the elimination of excess water and also has diuretic properties, which is why it is used for urinary problems. The Blackfoot tribe of North America have also used a decoction of juniper berries for the purpose of treating venereal and lung diseases. The Inupiat tribe, on the other hand, have used it as an infusion for the treatment of cold and flu. The oils extracted from juniper berries can also be used for steam inhalation and can effectively treat muscle pain and arthritis.
  1. Dandelions: North America is one of the regions all over the world offering an abundance of dandelion species, which is why it is another traditional choice for home remedies. Most people do not know that it is an excellent source of Vitamins A, B, C, D, potassium, zinc, and iron, among others. Many North Americans used to boil it in water and drink it for the purpose of being able to relieve skin problems and to treat an upset stomach. It is also believed to help in the restoration of your body after the winter months or after suffering from an illness.
  1. Lavender: This is another staple in Native American remedies and has gained popularity because it is thought to be effective in bringing peace and balance to the body. This is also the reason why it is a common variant of teas available today, with the promise of being able to help people who are suffering from anxiety. The light and woody scent of lavender is most probably the one responsible for such. Lavender has also been traditionally used to treat depression and nervous system disorders because of its calming effect.

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5 Harmful Side Effects of Commercial Medication

Have you ever wondered why the bigwigs in the pharmaceutical industry are making a lot of money? Well, this is most probably because they manage to sell their products at high prices and people patronize them. Why are they still being bought by the public? It is basically because a lot of people are deceived not only by their marketing tactics, but also with what they are fed with professionals in the medical field, such as with what they are given in their prescriptions.

Without any disrespect to doctors, while many medicines can indeed prove to be effective, the problem is that they are expensive. More so, the bigger problem is that even if they treat you for a specific condition, it is inevitable that side effects will emanate in one way or another. With such being said, the rest of this article will tackle briefly some of the most common and harmful side effects of commercial medications.

  1. Death. Although not the most common, this is obviously the most serious harmful side effect of commercial medications. Medicines are supposedly given in order to treat a specific health condition. Unfortunately, there are some of them that can do you more harm than good, such as in the case of death. This often happens in the case of overdose, which can likely occur because some people fail to consider instructions from their doctors or they simply develop dependence towards a specific drug. Crestor, for instance, which is a drug meant to lower the bad cholesterol in the body, is said to have resulted into different cases of kidney failure; eleven of which resulted into death, based on a study of Public Citizens Health Research Group.y
  1. Cancer. This is one of the most life-threatening diseases all over the world today. People often take medications because of the belief it will provide them with a healthier body, and hence, being able to prevent the growth of cancer cells. Sadly, some medicines are also the culprit of cancer. Propecia, for instance, a commercial treatment for hair loss, has a warning on its label indicating how it can possibly lead to high risk prostate cancer. Actos, on the other hand, a drug that is used for diabetes, can also lead to bladder cancer. This has been proven by the move of the FDA in 2011 adding such indication to the label in order to warn its users.
  1. Stroke. AngroGel, is a prescribed drug that is used as a hormone replacement. However, based on tests that have been conducted by the National Institutes of Health, it has been linked to various cardiovascular diseases and stroke. In fact, many of its users who have suffered from stroke have already filed lawsuits against the drug manufacturer for what happened to them. More so, Yaz and Yasmin, which are popular birth control pills, have been also linked to stroke by some of its users who were not happy with how their health condition has been negatively affected.
  1. Hallucination. In most common instances, this is a bad thing for your health. People who suffer from hallucination as a side effect are those who take medications for anxiety and depression, among other conditions. Visual and auditory hallucinations have been reported by people who used Lariam, which is a generic name given to a drug that is supposed to treat malaria outbreak. Because of this, the FDA has imposed rules in the early 2000s to first screen anyone who will be given such drug in order to minimize such side effect.
  1. Heart Attacks. Medicines that supplement the body with testosterone are amongst the most common to have heart attacks as side effects. There were also many people who have taken Pradaxa, a drug for thinning the blood, have filed lawsuits against the manufacturer because of suffering from heart attacks and other cardiovascular diseases. Avandia, a drug for Type 2 diabetes, is said to have resulted into 83,000 cases of heart attacks from 1999 to 2007, which prompted the FDA to significantly restrict its use and prescription.Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 2.49.23 PM

5 Ancient Home Remedies that are Still Useful Today

Some professionals in the medical filed might fret when you tell them that you would rather resort into the use of traditional home remedies rather than the drugs that are prescribed for you. Well, it is natural for them to react negatively because they might see it as an insult that you do not follow their instructions. However, there is nothing to be afraid of with the use of homemade treatments. After all, they are backed with extensive history in the field of alternative medicine.

The reason on why they are popular is basically because they have proven to be effective and have withstood the test of time. With such being said, the rest of this article will provide you with a brief introduction on some of the ancient home remedies that are still being practiced by many people today and considered to be viable alternatives to various contemporary approaches in treating specific health conditions.

  1. Hydrotherapy. Some of you might think that hydrotherapy is a contemporary practice, which is specifically seen in high-end spas promising to provide you with a relaxing time and soothing the tired body. In reality, however, this is an ancient practice that has evolved through time. There are some modifications introduced, including the use of modern equipment, but the general premise is rooted from ancient traditions.

 Some of the countries that have used such in the early times include China, Japan, Rome, Greece, and Egypt, among others. In Rome, this has been used not only as a means for treating various ailments, but also as a form of recreation and socialization, as proven by the popularity of public baths in the country. In today’s practice, water therapy is also blended with aromatherapy in order to provide a higher level of effectiveness.

  1. Massage. Like in the case of hydrotherapy, massages were not introduced just as a result of the surfacing of spas. It is a practice with extensive history. In fact, according to experts, it dates back from as far as human history itself. Therapeutic touch is not only believed to be done in the ancient times for being able to soothe the body, but also as a part of rituals of different groups. Along the way, perfumes, lotions, and oils, among others, have been also incorporated in order to make massage target a specific goal. Today, massage can be done at the comfort of your own home to treat body pain and other conditions, such as anxiety.
  1. Honey. For thousands of years, honey, especially in its raw form, has been proven to be one of the most effective home remedies for various conditions. Even doctors would agree on how it is rich in terms of nutritional value. While most people would often use honey as a sweetener for their tea, it has other purposes. It is considered to be a powerful antiseptic, which is why it is a default choice for the treatment of wounds and burns. It is also antiviral, which makes it good for the treatment of common cases of colds and coughs.
  1. Garlic. In the practice of ancient Indian medicine, garlic is believed to be the perfect alternative for being able to cure lack of appetite, skin diseases, and rheumatism, among others. Today, garlic has transcended the test of time and is considered to be one of the magical home remedies for different conditions. Because it is considered to be rich in antioxidants, it is used for treating skin conditions and also as a part of being able to defy the visible signs of aging. If you have toothache, garlic will also be a viable solution. Of you have high blood pressure or high cholesterol; intake of garlic is also recommended because it is believed to have properties to help make the blood thinner.
  1. Ginger. While many would most probably think of ginger as a flavoring for food, it actually does more than that. Based on practices in ancient alternative medicine, ginger is said to be effective in being able to combat inflammation. It is also used for being able to treat nausea and an upset stomach. There are also several studies in the past claiming that making ginger a part of your diet will make it an effective anticancer agent.

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