5 Reasons to Use Natural, Homemade Cosmetics

To be more beautiful – this is perhaps the dream of many people today. Beauty, although subjective by nature, is undeniably largely based on how one physically looks like, or at least, that is the norm in our society. Because of this, anyone who does not feel to be within the current standards of beauty loses self-confidence. Fortunately, the modern technology has led into the introduction of revolutionary beauty products. These products are promising in terms of giving you softer hair with fuller volume, glowing skin that defies the signs of aging, and having healthier nails, among others.

However, with the introduction of different cosmetic products in the market, many have also been alarmed, specifically with regards to deteriorating quality and the use of ingredients that may be unsafe for one’s health. With this, there is a growing advocacy towards the use of natural and homemade cosmetics. If you have not yet considered the use of the latter, continue reading the rest of this article and you will have sufficient reasons to switch to these natural beauty products.

  1. They do not use toxic ingredients. Most of the cosmetics you can buy commercially are made with the use of different chemicals, many of them can prove to be toxic. Although they can prove to be effective, their chemicals can lead into an adverse reaction, which can make the products bad for your skin. Some of the most common chemicals used in cosmetics are parabens and phthalates. They also contain a variety of petrochemicals. Although many studies have proven the toxicity of their ingredients, they are still continuously used. The worst part is that most manufacturers try to lure their customers by hiding the true ingredients they are using. The ignorance of the customers can even be more problematic, as some people just use beauty products without being aware of whether or not they contain toxic chemicals.
  1. They are good for all skin types. In line with the toxicity of the ingredients used in some cosmetics, they can undeniably cause side effects on the skin, such as redness, swelling, and other allergic reactions. In fact, some products advertised to be ideal for the treatment of acne can even cause more breakout, especially if it is not well-received by your skin. In the case of natural cosmetics, this should never be a problem because they use gentle ingredients that are perfect for all skin types. Regardless of your age, you can use natural products without having to be worried about side effects. Even if you have oily skin, using natural cosmetics will work and will not worsen your problem, unlike in the case of highly commercialized products.
  1. They are cheap. Some natural cosmetics can be cheaper than those made with the use of synthetic ingredients. The reason on why they are affordable is the fact that they use materials readily available, even from the garden. The best thing is that you can make them on your own. With effort and time to research, you will know how you can use some items available in your house or garden for different cosmetic products. If you love them, you can even start a business by selling them and advocating the use of chemical-free cosmetics.
  1. They are eco-friendly. With every product you use, it is important to think about their impact to the environment. Therefore, you have another good reason to use natural products. Aside from the fact that they are not tested on animals, they are also made without using ingredients that can cause damage to the environment, especially when they are not disposed properly. Most of the cosmetics sold in the market make use of aluminum, which is one of the culprits for the destruction of South American forest, which is why you should avoid them as much as possible.
  1. They are rich in nutrients. Aside from the fact that they are good even for sensitive skin, natural cosmetics are also recommended because they are rich with a wide array of nutrients, which will be needed by the body. They often make use of nutritious oils, which are asserted to be effective in terms of nourishing the skin and preventing the appearance of the visible signs of aging.


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