Benefits Of Apple Cider Vinegar

Eating healthy is important. Healthy eating is about avoiding food that harms the body and consuming more food that offers benefits. Is apple cider vinegar—ACV—one of those? Many people in Fort Lee, NJ, believe it is. You can use it as a skin toner, hair rinse, acne treatment, and natural deodorant, but the real power is the flavor it adds to food and the health benefits it provides. ACV can even boost weight loss.

ACV is a fermented liquid.

ACV starts out with apples. The apples are chopped and put in water with sugar, which allows yeast to ferment it and turn it into hard cider, which is alcohol. The process doesn’t stop there. A second fermentation process turns the alcohol into acetic acid. The acetic acid gives it a sour flavor and strong smell. It’s also why ACV has health benefits. It’s a probiotic that boosts beneficial microbes and improves gut health and improves the immune system.

ACV may be beneficial for weight loss.

Both animal studies and human studies show benefits from ACV for weight loss. Rat studies show that acetic acid increases the metabolism of rats and prevents fat from being deposited. The reduction in fat deposits may have occurred because the rats given ACV were more active. Human studies came to similar conclusions. Compared to individuals that drank plain water, a group taking a tablespoon or two of ACV in water showed increased weight loss and better cholesterol levels. Other studies show consuming it in water increases the feeling of fullness, so people ate less.

Diabetics and those with insulin resistance may benefit from using ACV.

Insulin resistance occurs when insulin doesn’t cause cells to open to and uptake glucose from the blood. The high glucose levels trigger the production of more insulin. Eventually, the constant production of insulin can affect the body’s ability to create it, leading to type 2 diabetes. Several smaller studies show that ACV can improve insulin sensitivity and cause fasting blood sugar levels to be lower.

  • High blood sugar levels not only affect diabetes. It can result in chronic disease or early aging. ACV can lower blood glucose levels.
  • While ACV has many beneficial properties, it’s not a substitute for medical treatment or a healthy diet and regular exercise. Always consult your healthcare provider before making dramatic changes to your diet.
  • The acetic acid in ACV can create problems for anyone with stomach issues. Never take it without diluting it. Mix ACV with water if you’re using it as mouthwash or for a sore throat. Limit use as a tooth whitener.
  • Rubbing ACV into the scalp is beneficial as a dandruff treatment. Mix it with water and spray it on pets in the summer to help reduce flea problems. Fleas don’t like the slightly acidic conditions it creates.

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