Best Exercises For Stronger Biceps

Many members of VIP Fitness Center in Fort Lee, NJ want exercises for biceps that will make them stronger without getting big and bulky like bodybuilders. The good news is that while you’ll get some extra growth, to get that bodybuilder look, it takes a lot of extra effort. Getting stronger without gaining huge amounts of mass can be done with traditional bicep exercises. You still have to put in the time and be consistent, but you’ll start to see results quickly.

Start with traditional upper body exercises.

To build your biceps, you have to build the larger muscles of the back and get overall back strength. While you work the muscles of the back, you’ll also be building the biceps, while maintaining balance. It’s always best to work on compound exercises that build overall upper-body strength. After all, even if your biceps are strong, it’s just one small muscle that determines your overall strength. Barbell rows and dumbbell hammer curls are good exercises for that.

Do traditional push-ups, then modify them.

A standard push-up provides some benefits, but to build the biceps, you need to make modifications. If you want to work your biceps, you need to change the position of your hands. When you get into push-up position, instead of putting hands slightly wider than shoulder-width, put your hands closer together, keeping just a few inches between them.

If you have a towel, you have equipment.

A towel can be a training apparatus and used for resistance exercises that build strength. Fold a towel lengthwise several times, hold one end in your hand. Put your back against a wall, lift one leg, then slide it up under the thigh of that leg and grab the loose end with the other hand. Curl the towel up toward your chest with your leg providing resistance. Lift until the forearms touch the biceps. Hold for a few seconds then lower. Do 20 or more reps per set and three to five sets per session.

  • You can use any item with a strong foundation to do bicep curls. For instance, grabbing the frame of a doorway and holding as you lean backward to create resistance, then pull the body back toward the object and holding, lowering slowly.
  • One mistake many people make when going for strength is focusing on the lifting of weights, but not controlling the lowering of the weight. To build strength, lower weights slowly, maintaining tension.
  • Just like push-ups, you can build stronger biceps by adjusting your wrist position, such as palms up or palms down. Changing the way you grip targets the bicep muscle in a variety of ways. It also helps protect elbows and wrists.
  • Work toward failure. Choose weights light enough that you can do at least three sets of eight repetitions and keep going at that weight until the last set isn’t difficult. Then increase the number of reps to 12 before you increase weight.

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