Weight Loss Tips

Bergen County NJ Residents Increase Weight Loss by Balancing Their Glands

The answer to burning fat calories lays not so much in the food you eat but in how the body processes it. And the one thing that determines how well the entire metabolism operates isn’t in your stomach, or the intestines, or even in your muscles. It’s located in your throat. It’s a tiny V shaped gland called the thyroid gland. Think of the thyroid as the body’s “thermostat.” The thyroid gland release the hormonesT4 which then converts to the more potent T3, it will constantly attempt to keep the body at a comfortable 98.6 degrees. Elevating body temperature via the thyroid gland is the key to the burning of more body fat. This is accomplished quite well through resistance exercise and can be achieved with certain drugs, which can be a dangerous practice that can cause permanent harm to the thyroid gland if there is no medical necessity. The thyroid is, in a way, the body’s “heating system”; it “burns” food for fuel in order to provide energy. The more it burns, the more effectively it will use fat (both consumed and stored) to continue functioning. If it’s a little slow, its fat burning ability will be hindered and excess calories become stored, as body fat. Although hypothyroidism is usually common to the elderly, a sub par thyroid is very common. And almost everyone can benefit from increasing thyroid output to optimum levels.

 Here is a List of nutrients found in Supplement Form that can really help fire up a thyroid Fat assault

  • Kelp is rich in iodine
  • Mineral Selenium
  • Amino Acid L-Tyrosine
  • Olive Leaf Extract Herb
  • Ashwagandha Herb 
  • 7-Keto DHEA Hormone Metabolite

Here is a list Foods and herbs that may impair thyroid function. This isn’t exactly a list of things that you MUST NOT eat, but some things that you might choose to steer clear of, or to limit quantities and frequencies of consumption.

ü Peaches, Pairs, and Strawberries There is something else to keep in mind with fruits, and any foods or drinks that have fructose or high fructose corn syrup. The fructose messes up hormone conversion at the cellular level. What this means is that your body has a much tougher time converting the T4 storage hormone to the active hormone, T3.

    (Bananas are good for the thyroid)

  • Cruciferous vegetables such as Broccoli, Cabbage and Cauliflower They contain a chemical called thiourea which is a goitergen. What that means is, they retard the process of the thyroid from turning iodine into the essential fat burning hormone T3.
  •  Green Tea contains flouride, a known T3 suppressant.
  • Soy Products such as Tofu contain phyto-estrogens that can hinder T3 production.

So there you have it some tips to help keep your thyroid production functioning at optimal levels for optimal fat burning. Any questions or comments please post on the blog or email Brian Hernandez at vipfitnesscenter@gmail.com.