Fitness Referral Contest

I’m looking for more motivated clients just like you – and I figure the best place to start looking is in your circle of influence.

I’ve decided that instead of paying the radio, newspaper or some direct mail company to market our programs, I’d rather reward you.

Do you know anyone who could benefit from my services?
Do you have a friend, a family member, or a coworker who is interested in improving their fitness and health level? This is your opportunity to help your friends, and family to achieve their health, fitness, and weight loss goals.

Become one of the top three winners, you will get a referral prizes. This will allow you to benefit from sharing your experiences with me, and our program. It will also allow me to continue to work with motivated clients like you and to spend my time working on program design, training and serving my current clients. Be the first one to get rewarded with great prizes, and help me out!

Contest Rules: 

Which ever VIP Client refers the most potential clients for a Free Body Diagnostic, Trial Session, and try our program for at least a month will receive credit for a referral who ever has the most will win contest..

Deadline date is September 2, 2014 prizes will be issued to winners that day. 

1st Place: Ipad Mini + 2 free training on next package

2nd Place: $100 AMEX + 2 free training sessions on next package

3rd Place:  $50 AMEX +2 free training sessions

Bonus: Any client who has a referral sign up automatically for at least a month gets a free session per client referral.

 Here’s What You Need To Do:

Email us on name of the friend you referring to, their email and phone number. You can also have a referral contact me directly on my cell phone (201)723-1102 or put their information on the URL below click here 

If you think my programs have benefited you, I’d appreciate it if you share them with those people you care about.  I look forward to helping them and rewarding you soon!

Contest Standings:

1.  Bobby Barbagallo 1 referral / Julie Kang 1 referral  







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