Functional Training Prepares Your Body for Active Living

If you don’t want big muscles but do want to live healthier, functional training might just be your answer. If a person is functionally fit, he or she has the muscle development to the common daily task everyone does, but at a reduced risk of injury. Functional training uses several different muscles at the same time to simulate the activities we do each day. It also focuses on core stability, which is very important no matter what your age.

You’ll exercise many parts of your body at once.

If you’re lifting groceries, rising out of a chair or bending over to tie your shoes, you’re using several groups of muscles at one time. Functional fitness training addresses that issue by providing exercises that help the muscles work synergistically, working several at one time. Instead of just exercising the abdominal muscles, you might do an exercise that works the stomach, back, arms and legs. These types of exercises can improve the quality of life, while also helping you live healthier.

People of all ages benefit from functional training.

While seniors benefit considerably from this type of training, which can extend the length of time they can live on their own by reducing the potential for strains and falls, you don’t have to be a senior to reap rewards. You’ll improve your posture with functional training since it works out core muscles, which makes it beneficial for all ages. In today’s world where sitting at a desk or computer plays an important role in jobs, functional training is an important way to build all muscle groups at once. It works the muscles in ways they were supposed to move before the advent of labor-saving devices left us sedentary.

You’ll lose weight with functional training.

Functional fitness training in Fort Lee, NJ help you build lean muscle tissue. The exercises are great calorie burning workouts that not only provide exercise to your entire body, but also help build your endurance and strength. Just as any program of regular exercise, these muscle tissue building exercises also help boost your metabolism. The muscle tissue they build requires more calories than fat tissue does, so you burn additional calories 24/7…even when you’re not exercising.

You’ll develop core stability with functional training. It teaches the core muscles to help stabilize the spine from external force.

You can enhance a sports specific training program with functional fitness training. It helps provide training that builds the relationship between the muscles and nervous systems to decrease reaction time and improve movement patterns.

This type of exercise, as with all forms of exercise, done on a regular basis not only increases your strength, balance and flexibility, it also boosts your immune system to provide even more protection for your health.

Functional training is one method of keeping your body strong and healthy. You work muscles on a variety of planes, using various angles, which machines simply can’t do. It more closely resembles that actual workout your body has doing common everyday activities.

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