Golf Conditioning Can Improve Your Game

No matter what your score in golf, it can always get better. Today, more and more golfers are adding golf conditioning to their improvement program. While you don’t have to have a personal trainer to start working out, when it comes to specialized workouts, such as ones that prepare your body for a specific sport, such as golf, a Bergan County personal trainer is the only way to go. The perfect swing comes from more than just power, but also includes flexibility. Unless you’re working on both strength and flexibility, you’ll find your game won’t improve as rapidly.

The perfect balancing act is necessary.

You want to be powerful to drive that ball, but if you’re too strong, but have no range of motion, no matter what strength training you do, it won’t help. A personal trainer can design a program that not only increases your range of motion and flexibility, it also increases your strength and stamina, to help you attain the perfect drive. Improved power and flexibility will get the ball sailing off the tee for more distance.

Prevent injuries with conditioning.

Unless you prepare your body for golfing, or any other sport for that matter, you may find yourself nursing a injury instead of out on the green. Injuries can come fro the stress you place on shoulders and the lower back. They also can affect your hips, elbows and wrists. Paying close attention to conditioning and the mechanics can help prevent this. Even learning stretches can help avoid rotator cuff injuries. A personal trainer can provide you with exercises that you can do before you start your game to help prevent serious injuries on the course.

A personal trainer shows you workouts for all muscle groups.

A successful swing doesn’t just use the arm or upper body muscles, it uses a wide variety of muscles throughout your body. Your leg muscles help produce the power at the initiation of the swing, the core muscles transfer that power and important when it comes to the speed your club head achieves. You need strength in the arm muscles for accuracy and control. Personal trainers in Fort Lee and Bergen County can show you overall workouts that work all the muscles necessary for the perfect swing.

You’ll build the stamina to walk the course when you have an overall fitness program for golf. Not only does overall fitness help your game, it also improves your life and prevents serious conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes.

A healthy diet can play an important role in your overall fitness and even in lowering your handicap. Personal trainers can show you how to make healthier choices when you eat, which can help you lose weight and become fitter.

Cardio training improves your stamina, which is especially important to keep you vigorous through all 18 holes.

You’ll be amazed at the difference golf fitness training makes, not only in your game, but in your overall fitness. Personal trainers also adjust the workouts for preseason, season and post season training.

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