How Exercise Can Help You Live Longer

You don’t have to live in Fort Lee, NJ, to know that your lifestyle makes a difference whether you live longer or not. Whether it’s eating healthier, getting adequate sleep and hydration or participating in a program of regular exercise they all increase your potential lifespan by reducing the risk of serious illnesses or conditions. Man was created to move and only the fittest survived. Today, because of poor eating habits and lack of exercise, we see an increased risk of heart disease, diabetes and an epidemic of obesity.

You’ll rust out before you wear out.

When you exercise, it stimulates the creation of stem cells that replace the old cells in your body. It also helps lubricate joints and keeps muscles flexible, to help avoid injury. Exercise aids your digestive process, including improving the microbiome in your gut. Those microbes perform many of the tasks necessary to the body and even affect your mood. One study, conducted by the Cleveland Clinic and New York School of Medicine, found that obesity was the major cause for loss of life-years in the US. It was closely followed by smoking and tobacco use, high blood pressure and diabetes. You’ll note the last two are also linked to obesity.

Exercise helps protect the cells.

Besides building new cells, exercise also helps protect the old ones. Exercise also lengthens the telomeres. Telomeres protect the chromosomes and help keep them from unraveling. They act like aglets, those plastic tips on shoelaces, which keep the laces from fraying. The more you exercise, the longer the telomeres are. They wear away first, keeping the chromosome intact.

No matter what your age or your physical condition, you can exercise.

Even people who are bed bound can exercise. It’s good therapy and can keep muscles more supple. If you have a serious condition, like heart disease or cancer, the right type of exercise can help you. It provides benefits that include reduced side effects of treatment and improved results, reduced fatigue, improved attitude and faster recovery. People with painful conditions, like arthritis or back pain, will probably benefit from exercise. You’ll find most life threatening conditions improve with the right program of exercise added to treatment.

  • You can start a program of exercise at any age but start slowly if you’ve been a couch potato most of your life. One study in Australia found that walking 10K steps a day lowered mortality risk by 40%.
  • No matter what your age, your body continues to create stem cells that can replace any type of cell in the body. They’re often used to repair joints and many doctors suggest exercise to boost their creation.
  • Exercise helps boost the creation of nitric oxide, which makes the blood vessels relax, so they expand. That helps lower blood pressure.
  • Even mental health can be improved with exercise. It not only can reduce the potential for depression and anxiety, it also can keep the brain functioning better and is often used with Alzheimer’s and dementia patients.

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