Importance Of Proper Form In Your Workouts

Using the proper form for each exercise can make the difference between successful workouts and unsuccessful ones. The way you move during an exercise affects the way the body works a muscle. If you’re not going deep enough on squats, you won’t get the benefits. If you’re lifting something heavy, it makes a difference how you lift. Lifting the wrong way can cause injury. The same is true when you exercise.

The benefits occur when you do the exercise properly.

The reverse is also true. If you’re not doing an exercise right, it can cause injury that puts you out of commission for months. Something as simple as arching your back or hunching it during pulling exercises with weights can create back issues. If you don’t have a neutral spine position during lifting, it causes you to arch your back or hunch it. That can damage your spine by pulling muscles, injuring the nerves that surround it, or causing disc problems. Focusing on your form before adding extra weight can prevent the problem.

You don’t have to lift weights to have a problem with form.

Squats are popular, with and without weights. They work several joints and muscles at once to maximize the benefits. If your body position isn’t correct or your feet are placed improperly, it can cause the knees to cave inward. That can limit their strength and size or even cause injury to the joint. Practice as though you’re about to sit in a chair, with the weight of your body on your heels. You should be able to see your toes when you do. If you’re too far forward, you won’t be able to see them.

You won’t get the results you want with poor technique or form.

If just moving your hands further out or further in during push-ups or the placement of the feet during a push-up affects the muscles worked, it’s easy to understand how poor form can affect the outcome of any exercise. The correct form gives you better results without as much strain and focuses on the muscles you want to exercise.

  • One of the benefits of having a personal trainer is learning to do each exercise correctly. Not only are you guided through the exercise, but also the trainer watches to ensure you’re doing it right.
  • Any muscle weakness will reveal itself in your form. If you’re lifting or doing squats and can’t get the proper form, it may be due to weaker core muscles. Identifying the problem and working toward strengthening those muscles helps improve your entire workout.
  • Rather than trying to force proper form when the muscles aren’t strong enough, use a modified form of the exercise. If you can’t do a traditional push-up, opt for the modified form on bent knees.
  • Before you start any exercise program, talk to your healthcare professional. If you have any physical limitations, always tell the personal trainer. The trainer can modify your workout to accommodate you.

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