Is It Possible To Eat Well While Travelling?

If you focus on eating healthy at home but find that travel can end that, here are tips to help. You can eat well when you travel, but it takes planning. You don’t have to be on an extended trip. It can occur when you take frequent short trips. Whether it’s a quick lunch from a drive-through or food at the airport, you’ll pay a price for those unhealthy meals. No matter how you travel, focus on eating healthy foods.

Make a wise choice when you don’t have options.

Yogurt, some soups and salads, and fruit are good choices. Avoid fruit-in-the-bottom yogurt that has loads of sugar. Choose salads with a wide selection of vegetables and broiled chicken or tuna on top. You’ll find most of these things at food stations in the airport. Avoid creamed soup and opt for one with a broth base. You can get similar foods at drive-throughs but should check their menu ahead on the internet.

Traveling by car lets you pack your own food, but you can carry snacks to the airport.

It’s definitely easier to stop at a restaurant. It also provides a nice break from driving, but you’ll have more control if you pack your lunch. Find a park or place to stop to enjoy it. Get out and stretch your legs. That makes it even healthier. Prepare ahead with good refreezerable ice packs and a small cooler to take along. Include healthy snacks for mid-morning and mid-afternoon. If you need help planning, we provide nutritional advice.

If your trip is long, research for every stop along the way.

You can research local restaurants or do an internet search for farmers’ markets and groceries and make fresh meals. Most people make room reservations before leaving. If you do, check to see if they have a refrigerator in the room. You can purchase fresh vegetables, wash them, and slice them for dinner. If they have a microwave, you have even more food options. Make sure you have healthy snacks for the next day.

  • Drink plenty of water. If you’re driving, have a few in the cooler. When you take one out, replenish it. If you’re flying, take an empty water bottle through security and fill it up at a water fountain once you pass.
  • If you need a full meal and have a layover, check the menus at the airport restaurants. For instance, Newark Liberty International Airport restaurants have veggie triple deckers, steamed veggies, and harvest salad.
  • If you’re on a flight that offers meals, find out what they are ahead of time. Some are very healthy, and others aren’t. Eating light, hydrating, and eating healthy are necessary for digestion if you’re sitting a lot, which can cause digestive issues if you don’t plan well.
  • Avoid fried food and choose grilled or broiled instead. If you have a choice, opt for baked potatoes over mashed. Skip sugary drinks and choose water, unsweetened tea, or black coffee. Choose a vinaigrette dressing for your salad.

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