Should I Use A Silicon Wedding Ring For The Gym?

There’s a debate going on about whether you should wear a silicon wedding ring in the gym or not. At V.I.P. 1 to 1 Fitness in Fort Lee, NJ, most people don’t. There’s a reason for that, which correlates to the reason many people do wear a silicon wedding band at other gyms. At other gyms, people workout on their own and there are large groups of people at various stations, each working independently. Not all people go to the gym for the same reason. Some use fitness as an excuse.

Sad but true, sometimes gym time is a time others are looking for a date.

It’s not easy for people to find soul mates in the 2020s, so some take their hunt to the grocery, clubs and even the gym. It’s one reason people opt to wear their wedding ring. Rather than having the awkward conversation about their marital status, they wear the identifying jewelry. Others wear a wedding ring because it’s a natural part of their commitment. Since we’re a 1 to 1 fitness center with a personal trainer for each person, it’s not the type of gym that people go to looking for a love connection.

A silicon band can protect your finger.

While your wedding band is a sign of devotion and often wearing it becomes second nature, hurting your finger or damaging the ring can occur. If you’re working out hard with a soft metal band, like gold, silver or platinum, the chances of it becoming misshapen are great. If it has a gemstone, the claw holding it can bend and allow the stone to fall out. The silicon band is stretchy, and not costly, so you can wear a ring without worrying it will catch on to a falling weight and take your finger with it.

A silicon band can help keep your wedding band cleaner.

While the danger of wearing a metal wedding band in the gym normally occurs only if you’re doing some heavy weightlifting or other extreme workout, you sweat no matter what you’re doing. That sweat can affect the metal and also, the workout can cause your fingers to swell, making a metal band tight. A silicon ring can be the answer for both. It doesn’t corrode and it stretches so you can remove it easier.

  • If you’re taking off your ring at the gym, have a safe place to store it, especially if it’s expensive. Keep a box or a very large safety pin in your gym bag and pin it to the inside of the pocket of your street clothes.
  • Silicon rings are good options for active people or those who have a job like welding are carpentry. If you participate in water sports, wearing a silicon ring instead of a traditional band can prevent the grief that occurs if the ring is lost.
  • If you have the option, and want to wear a wedding band, leave your wedding band at home on the day you go to the gym and wear a silicon ring.
  • There are silicon rings to use as wedding bands, but also ones that are just for fun. They come in a variety of colors and designs.

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