The Dirty Dozen

12 Foods With the Highest Levels of Pesticides

You’ve probably heard that the fresh fruits and vegetables in your local supermarket might be tainted by pesticides. A nonprofit organization call the Environmental Working Group looked at 51,000 pesticide tests for 53 popular fruits and vegetables and then ranked them based on how much and how many different pesticides were found. The Dirty Dozen is their list of the 12 foods shown to have the highest levels.

Whenever possible, buy the organic versions of these 12 fruits and vegetables.

Dirty Dozen







Sweet Bell Pepper

Imported Nectarines


Cherry Tomatoes

Imported Snap Peas


Dirty Secrets

Here are some of the scary details on the levels of pesticides found on fresh food you’ve probably bought at your local supermarket.

  • Every imported nectarine examined tested positive for pesticides
  • One sample of strawberries contained 13 different pesticides
  • Apples might be treated with 56 different pesticides

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