Top 5 Cardio Exercises For A Leaner Stomach

Getting lean, washboard abs is a two-step process. First, you need to tone up your stomach muscles to get the tight, well defined, muscular outline. Then you need to reduce your body fat percentage so that your toned abs are visible. However, many people neglect this second step and end up disappointed with their ab toning results. In this article I’m going to help you stop making the same mistakes as everyone else and provide you with five of the best fat burning cardio exercises for a lean stomach.

1 – Intense Cycling (20mph) = 1,000 Calories Per Hour

Cycling’s an excellent cardiovascular exercise for a number of reasons. It’s low impact and gentle on your joints, it gets you outside and allows you to top up your vitamin D levels and exploring the outdoors on a bike is plenty of fun. It’s also a highly effective fat burner and if you cycle with maximum intensity you can blast through 1,000 calories per hour (which equates to 0.3lbs of fat loss).

2 – Intense Running (10mph) = 1,000 Calories Per Hour

If you don’t own a bike, running’s an excellent alternative to cycling. It burns off plenty of calories and by running a few times per week, you’ll see start to see your toned stomach muscles showing through very quickly. As well as being an efficient fat burner, running also strengthens your heart, boosts your immune system, protects against chronic disease and much more.

3 – Intense Kettlebell Class = 1,000 Calories Per Hour

Kettlebell classes are one of the best workout options around for developing six pack abs. The exercises themselves are performed at a high tempo and burn through an impressive 1,000 calories per hour. However, since all kettlebell exercises engage the core, kettlebell classes allow you to tone and tighten your stomach muscles as you burn body fat.

4 – Intense Zumba Class = 1,000 Calories Per Hour

Zumba is a relatively new fitness craze but it has quickly established itself as one of the most popular exercise classes in the world. Like the other suggestions above, Zumba is a potent calorie burner and an intense hour long class will allow you to work off up to 1,000 calories. In addition to this, Zumba’s also incredibly fun and social, so is a great option if you prefer more relaxed workouts or don’t like working out alone.

5 – Intense Jump Rope = 800 Calories Per Hour

The jump rope is a simple but effective piece of fitness equipment that helps you shed body fat through the simple act of jumping. Jump rope based workouts are incredibly versatile and can be performed anytime, anywhere and anyplace for as long or as little as you like.


 By practicing some or all of these exercises on a regular basis, you’ll blast through body fat and reveal those washboard abs in no time at all. So if you’ve been struggling to get a desirable stomach for some time, add these exercises to your routine and uncover those tight, toned stomach muscles now.

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