Ways To Stay Motivated On Your Fitness Journey

One reason people love to come to V.I.P. 1To 1 Fitness Center in Fort Lee, NJ, is that we help them stay motivated, so they can reach their goals. Two of the biggest roadblocks to fitness are getting started and staying motivated. If you’re reading an article on staying motivated, you’ve probably accomplished step one. Staying motivated is tough, especially after the initial determination wears off and before there are results. It’s hardest to stay motivated after the first session right up until you see results, which can take a month or two.

Push yourself, but don’t overdo it.

One reason people quit after the first day or week is that they really hurt. That can come from pushing yourself too hard. More is not always better. For instance, you need to rest muscle groups between 48 and 72 hours after doing strength training. It’s counterproductive to do an intense workout for the same group every day. It doesn’t give the muscles time to heal from the micro tears caused by the workout. Pushing too hard can cause injury and pain later, depleting motivation. Focus more on form initially, rather than reps and sets.

Don’t constantly weigh yourself or take your measurements.

You need to be held accountable and that can be done once or twice a week. Take measurements and weigh in at the same time every week. I’ve talked to clients who weigh themselves several times a day. It’s just not productive. Your body weight fluctuates throughout the day and it can be quite deceiving and even depressing. It can destroy your motivation. It’s especially true if you’re just beginning, when physical changes can take a month or more.

Elevate your workout to appointment status.

For some reason, people feel that other things are more important than staying fit. They put off exercise until they have time that day, but as the day progresses, that window of time never occurs. Make your appointment with fitness important. Schedule it as you would any appointment, even if you’re working out at home. Once it’s on your calendar, don’t cancel it to put in something else.

  • Set goals. You should be able to measure them and have a time to complete them. Then, break those goals down to smaller goals you can achieve quicker. Track your progress weekly.
  • When you schedule your workouts, make sure you schedule them at the same time every time. Doing your workout at a consistent time helps it becomes a habit and habits are harder to break.
  • Track your workout, not just your results. Have a list of exercises, including number of repetitions and sets. Having the list in front of you can help speed the workout and avoid wasted time. When your workout is more efficient, you’ll be more motivated.
  • Take care of your body in other ways, too. Make sure you eat healthy, stay hydrated and get adequate sleep. If you don’t eat healthy, you won’t see the progress you want. Sleep and hydration can boost your energy and help keep you motivated.

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