5 Reasons Painkillers are Toxic

Whether it is headache, sore muscles, back pain, or a simple cold, you are most probably going to resort into the use of pain killers. They often come handy and readily available, apart from the fact that they have lured the public with the promise of being the best in terms of the alleviation of […]

Smart Snacking

6 Health Boosting Snacks That You Can Eat Anywhere   After making the decision to eat better and maybe even lose weight, one of the biggest stumbling blocks that people come across is finding healthy snacks that they can eat during the day. The problem with most snack foods is that they are loaded with […]

Sleeping Off the Pounds

Sleep Your Way to Abs When you think about ways to lose weight, you probably think of exercising more and/or eating less. You probably aren’t thinking that you need to sleep more…but you do. The CDC estimates that over 1/3 of the U.S. population is sleep deprived. 5.8% of men and 3.5% of women reported […]