Eating Out Survival Guide

Eating Out is No Longer a ‘Treat’ Eating out at a restaurant used to be considered a treat. An uncommon indulgence. However, since the 1970s eating away from home has become more and more common with Americans, now eating upwards of 43% of their meals and 32% of their calories away from home (up from […]

Dangerous Calories

Liquid Calories could be Sabotaging Your Health – How to Stop It From Happening While all 6 of the Pillars of Nutrition are important – this could be the most important. For many people, consuming calorie-containing beverages, (more specifically sugar- sweetened beverages), is the difference between losing 15-20lbs, or not. On any given day, a […]

The Clean Fifteen

15 Foods With the Lowest Levels of Pesticides You know you should eat more fruits and vegetables. You probably don’t go a day without hearing or reading a news report about some newly discovered health benefit. But, you also hear an occasional report about the high levels of pesticides used on the produce in your […]

Power Food: Blueberries

1 Cup of Blueberries a Day Could Keep Your Memory from Going Away Whenever you find an article about anti-aging foods, super foods, or brain boosting foods, you can bet that blueberries are at the top of the list. Over the past decade, blueberries have achieved the status of the ultimate health food. But, unlike […]

Power Food: Lean Beef

Heart Health Promoter or Destroyer? Red meat has long been implicated as a food that will destroy your heart health…so how could it be considered a power food? Let’s look at the nutritional power of lean beef and the misinterpretation of scientific research that has given it a bad name. Red Meat vs. Lean Beef […]

Power Food: Asparagus

Improve Your Health at Less Than 4 Calories a Stalk Modern food lovers like to think that we discovered everything, but we can’t claim asparagus. Asparagus was originally found growing on Mediterranean hillsides, and recipes date back to late fourth-century Rome and Apicius Book III, one of the oldest known cookbooks. Early American colonists referred […]


“An Apple A Day…” Apples have been long heralded as a Power Food. In 1100 A.D., the Medical School of Salerno taught its budding physicians about the benefits of apples when treating illnesses of the lungs, bowels, and nervous system. We all know about the “an apple a day, keeps the doctor away” phrase coined […]

Antioxidant Power

Benefits Balance is important in your body. Antioxidants help provide balance by neutralizing oxidized molecules. Oxidation occurs in your body naturally but at an excelled rate due to stress, exercise, inadequate sleep, and a poor diet. Dangers For a long time the message was, the more antioxidants the better. However, research has shown us that […]

12 Proven Weight Loss tips

Eat More Protein Protein is famous for its muscle building abilities but protein is also a key fat loss food. Protein helps you feel fuller longer. Eating more protein has been shown to cause people to eat less calories without trying. Have a Salad First Research from the Ingestive Behavior Lab at Penn State University […]

Top 5 Stomach Toning Bodyweight Exercises

A tight, toned stomach is the ultimate fitness goal for many people. Not only does it look visually appealing but having a strong set of stomach muscles also improves your posture and makes performing other exercises much easier. In this article I’m going to help you develop the strong set of stomach muscles you’ve always […]