Why You Should Use Kettlebells

Even though they look a bit odd, there are a number of reasons you should use kettlebells. Kettlebells were originally used in Russia to provide a means of weighing crops. As with many different farming tasks, they became part of the contests at festivals, with farmers showing off their strength by lifting them. Eventually the […]

Experience the Benefits of Prenatal and Postpartum Exercise

At one time doctors discouraged both prenatal and postpartum exercise, stating it wasn’t good for either mother or child. Of course, in those days, women were restricted to bed for days and sometimes weeks after childbirth. Today, scientific studies paint quite a different picture on whether to exercise during pregnancy and immediately following, or to […]

Keeping Up With Your Kids

If you’re already a parent, you know just how exhausting raising a child can be. Not only does it require a lot of work, play can be just as taxing. Keeping up with your kids in Fort Lee, New Jersey doesn’t have to be difficult if you exercise on a regular basis. In fact, people […]

Enjoy Your Exercise

Probably the most frequently heard complaint about exercising is that it’s boring. It’s very important that you enjoy your exercise. If you don’t, the odds of you continuing decrease. There are a number of different reasons people become turned off to exercise. Sometimes they lack variety, sometimes they simply don’t challenge themselves and sometimes they […]

When It Comes to Fitness, You Have to Be Realistic to Be Successful

In the world of fitness, you must be realistic to be successful. Don’t expect to lose weight miraculously or build muscles without working. Becoming fit takes dedication and commitment to a healthy lifestyle. That doesn’t mean it can’t be fun and exciting. Anything worth having is worth working for and fitness is definitely on the […]

Nutritional Tips in Edgewater Can Make Weight Loss Easier

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a mom who wants to make meals healthier, someone who wants to lose weight or your doctor told you to eat healthier for better health, you’ll get some beneficial nutritional tips in Edgewater when you use the services of a personal trainer with a certification in nutrition. You’ll be amazed […]

You’ll Lose Weight Faster with a Combination North Bergen Weight Loss Program

If you’re serious about wanting to lose weight, you won’t get permanent results with the latest diet you found on the internet. Diets just don’t work. Instead you need a North Bergen weight loss program that combines healthy eating with exercise. This type of approach takes weight off fast and keeps it from ever returning. […]