Top 5 Healthy Eating Tips for Bergen County Residents

Most healthy eating advice focusses on counting calories and measuring portion sizes and ignores actual health. However, true healthy eating goes far beyond calorie restriction and involves providing your body with the essential nutrients it needs. These essential nutrients boost your energy levels, protect against chronic diseases, help your vital organs function and much more. […]

Top 5 Healthy Alcohol Consumption Tips

Top 5 Healthy Alcohol Consumption Tips When it comes to eating healthy, most people don’t give alcohol a second thought. They change the actual foods they’re eating but continue drinking the same types and quantities of alcohol as they did before. However, alcoholic drinks often contain more calories and can be worse for you in […]

Get Leaner with Protein Weight Loss tips

Protein has always been promoted by muscle heads as the key to getting it. While the extreme amounts of protein consumed by some bodybuilders is unnecessarily extreme, the research has shown time and time again that more protein is better when it comes to fat loss. One study found that after 8 weeks, people who […]

Holiday Weight Gain

4 Simple Steps for Surviving Holiday Parties Holiday weight gain happens to everyone, right? Not you. Not this year. Holiday Weight Gain Basics Research has shown that Americans are gaining more weight each year with most of the gain occurring between October and February. The weight gain during this time of year can be attributed […]

The Dirty Dozen

12 Foods With the Highest Levels of Pesticides You’ve probably heard that the fresh fruits and vegetables in your local supermarket might be tainted by pesticides. A nonprofit organization call the Environmental Working Group looked at 51,000 pesticide tests for 53 popular fruits and vegetables and then ranked them based on how much and how […]